Hello! (And a Dance Legend thermal)

Why hello there! A (very) belated happy new year to you all πŸ™‚ bet you don’t remember me I’ve been gone a few months (a long time in the blogging world ha ha) no excuses other than I was miserable and grumpy towards the end of 2014 and didn’t have the energy for blogging. I’ve still been painting a plenty though (you will have seen if you follow me on IG) the good news is some of the issues that were making me unhappy last year have been partly resolved and I’m feeling much more optimistic for 2015!

Onto the important stuff! Nails! Here is just a quick pic of the nails I wore on New Years Eve (yeah I know..not very festive are they ha ha) I was in a huge rush to get ready so needed nails I could be out of the door quickly with so went for one of my favourite thermal nail polishes – Dance Legends ‘Thermo 174’


I applied two coats and then added some silver dots using a dotting tool and Barry M Silver Foil. The thermal polish changes between a lilacy bluish and pinky shade depending on the temperature but when I wear it, it stays in a permanent state between both colours ha ha. I like that as it gives a gradient effect but much easier than doing a gradient!

You may also notice I’ve changed the shape of my nails! I grew them long, went shortish again and then decided I wanted to go back to a more almond shape for a while. I’m sure I’ll change my mind again soon πŸ™‚

I hope you are all ok readers and had a nice Christmas and new year?

Bye for now




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